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What “Team” Are You? Americans Equally Divided on “The Dress”

04 March 2015

50% of Americans believed “The Dress” to be White and Gold vs. 50% who were adamant that it was Blue and Black, and weren’t shy about sharing their opinions!

Over the past couple of days you’ve most likely heard somebody say “it’s White and Gold!” or “it’s Blue and Black!”—and, yes, we’re talking about that famous (or maybe infamous) “Dress.”

While this debate seemingly raged across the country, and it may have felt impossible to escape hearing about “The Dress”, only 53% of Americans had actually even seen a picture of The Dress!  However, unsurprisingly, exposure jumped to 66% among 18-34 year olds as Social Media and Non-Social websites were primarily responsible for driving this phenomena (58% of Americans originally heard about The Dress through these mediums).

At this point, even though we all might be sick of The Dress, one question we kept asking ourselves was, if there was a Battle Royale (with or without cheese – Pulp Fiction fans), how big would Team White / Gold and Team Blue / Black be? We’re imagining a very Anchorman style scenario here, so stay with us – getting down to it – and don’t say you don’t care because we know that you were either originally on “Team White and Gold” or “Team Blue and Black.”

So as researchers, what did we do? Of course! A Test!

While it may have seemed that one side of this debate was unbalanced, after our research, it turns out that 50% of Americans originally thought the Dress was White and Gold and 50% of Americans thought The Dress was Blue and Black.  Further, 69% Americans who originally saw The Dress as Blue and Black were very confident (and as a personal member of Team White and Gold, I can attest that they were not afraid to tell you), that the colors they were originally seeing were correct, versus only 60% of Team White and Gold who displayed a similar confidence.

Author: John Hunoval, Manager of Qualitative Service (john.hunoval@russellresearch.com)




John Hunoval - post author

John grew up in in beautiful Madison, New Jersey, and attended Oratory Preparatory School before heading out to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania—yes, of Billy Joel fame! And in 2011 he started his career at Russell Research.

In his role, John oversees all qualitative projects conducted within the company. He’s also a Moderator, with experience working in a variety of categories including financial services, automotive, and telecom.

When not working, John is closely following his favorite New York sports teams—the Giants, Yankees, and Red Bulls. You might also find him noshing on sushi, corned beef, or pickles, which are his favorite foods. He’s even on a quest to find a restaurant out there that offers all three!