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Russell Research is a full-service custom research firm offering a full range of methodologies. Founded in 1946, Russell Research is one of the pioneer firms in the market research industry.

Today, Russell Research is among the industry's top custom research firms, with a seasoned staff of 100+ strategy-driven research professionals. We provide expertise and service for a wide range of consumer and business product categories and a diverse group of clients - including Fortune 1000 companies as well as mid-size and smaller enterprises, government agencies, advertising agencies, consultancies and public relations firms.

With our research heritage, decades of continuity in management, and seasoned staff, Russell is today one of the industry's most experienced research firms.

Russell Research's approach to the marketing process is to partner with clients to select the most appropriate and cost-efficient research techniques. Our integration of information with other available data and quick research turnaround provide actionable, strategic guidance that is vital in today's fast-paced business environment.

Taking information Further, Faster

Information fuels insight. Your world demands more and allows you less time to uncover the transformational ideas that drive your business. Having access to truly pertinent information about your specific issue is critical to your success.

Anybody can get you data. Russell Research offers the experience and imagination that allows us to deliver actionable information to feed your creative business processes. We pride ourselves on being able to bring focus to even the most complex, data saturated issues.

We do not have a “typical” project. Our clients rely on us for smart research solutions that are tailored to solve their specific issues: unreasonable time frames, relentless work pace, dynamic markets that demand new approaches.

We take information further, faster.