There is a simple truth in most categories – there is a group of consumers who look, behave, and think like your most loyal customers, yet for one reason or another, do not currently use your product or service.​ ​ Russell Research’s Spotlight Analysis identifies a brand’s most opportune audience and defines them in very actionable terms.

Spotlight is Russell Research’s proprietary method for identifying and profiling the consumers who present the greatest opportunity for customer conversion. The method also profiles a brand’s most loyal customers and identifies the customers at the highest risk of defecting to competition and those who have the potential to become among the most loyal to the brand.

Why do this?

  • Crystallizes target acquisition through actionable profile definition
  • Understands primary barriers to customer conversion and how to action against these barriers
  • Identifies customers who most require attention in order to maintain share
  • Determines where these prospects “live” from a media and communications perspective ​
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of category including attitudes, behavior, and purchase process
  • Can be applied to customer databases to profile current and lapsed users

Spotlight is also an excellent tool for the identification of opportunity segments within large-scale segmentation research.


How it Works

Spotlight is an analytical tool which estimates each non-user’s likelihood of becoming a regular brand user. Using this same logic, the analysis can identify current users who can be most readily converted by competition into a non-user.

This provides four clear segments:

Core Users
High Opportunity Non-Users​
At-Risk Users
Low Opportunity Non-Users​

segments are then defined and extensively profiled to build actionable frameworks for brands. The profiles include, but are not limited to behavior, attitudes, psychographics, demographics, barriers, message/feature motivation, and media consumption.