Automotive Aftermarket

Segmentation & Personas Case Study


An automotive aftermarket parts manufacturer wanted to be able to influence their retail partners by demonstrating a deep understanding of the wiper and washer fluid categories and that their products would uniquely satisfy the needs of consumers.  In particular, they also wanted to develop a strategy to grow brand awareness and ultimately share by identifying segments within the categories.  The client wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the psychographics, behaviors, needs and attitudes of category users within the categories. This foundational research would ultimately also help to shape questions and language and aid in the development of a comprehensive list of attributes for the following phase of research, a quantitative segmentation study.

Research Design

27 respondents completed a four-day asynchronous online discussion forum.  Participants were recruited based on car ownership, past product purchases/usage, category spend, and demographics. They provided video and text responses to questions developed around the objectives of the study.


Several key takeaways and four hypothesized segments emerged from the discussion forum based on the attitudes and behavior toward automobile maintenance. In addition, responses from the forum were used to develop of the quantitative segmentation survey instrument.