• Understand the "Why"

    Our approach uncovers the drivers of choice and determines how brands or messages perform on what matters most to target audiences. This provides clear action items for brands focused on growth drivers and white space opportunities.

  • Navigating Change

    Our tracking evolves with shifting competitive landscapes. While maintaining consistency in key tracking components, we help our clients navigate change to provide context for current or anticipated shifts in the category – whether it be due to innovation, cultural changes, or COVID-19.

  • User-Centric Approach

    Our tracking research goes beyond the immediate category to understand how user needs are being met, determining the impact of non-category solutions on client and competitive brands.

  • Beyond the Funnel

    We’ve developed a set of metrics in addition to the normal funnel, messaging and attitudinal questions which help clients understand next steps.

Though tracking most often utilizes a quantitative methodology, we may recommend exploratory qualitative to understand the drivers and attributes to track or “Post Deep Dives” into targeted topics following each quantitative wave of a tracking study. Post Deep Dives are perfect for clarify findings or for providing stories that elucidate the data and bring it to life.

Tracking Case Studies