Dairy Products

Segmentation & Personas Case Study


A large dairy producer wished to update its knowledge of the dairy milk category and within it, specific sub-categories such as Organic, Lactose-Free, and DHA.

Research Design

A quantitative needs-based segmentation complemented qualitative work in the category. Russell Research designed an online needs-based segmentation survey in full collaboration with the client team, leveraging learning from the qualitative phase. Various attributes covering all elements of the category were generated, with analysis generated from not just category users, but also users of specific milk sub-categories, and those in various life stages.


The research identified multiple needs-based segments in the category (including three affinity segments), as well as three key areas of needs: Elemental needs, Physiological needs, and Emotional needs. In addition, a typing tool was created so the dairy producer could identify segments of interest in future research endeavors.