Health Tech

Concept/Product Testing Case Study


In advance of introducing a new technology product and service offering, a national electronics retailer wanted to better understand the purchase-decision journey for managed senior care services.

Research Design

Russell Research designed a large-scale quantitative shopper journey research program among 2,000+ Caregivers and Seniors to determine consideration triggers, resource influence, benefits and features most likely to motivate purchase, leading drivers to choosing a managed senior care service, the retailer’s position in the marketplace and likelihood of conversion to the program offering.


Based on learning from the research initiative and highly positive feedback to the concept, the electronics retailer rolled out its an entirely new program, using mobile web and smart home healthcare technology to help adult children remotely monitor and engage aging parents. Delivering peace of mind to caregivers and delaying the need for an elderly relative to enter assisted living, the program is helping to establish the retailer in an important and growing category.