Healthcare Network Positioning

Concept/Product Testing Case Study


A large health care provider network needed to develop a new brand positioning that best reflected the mission of their recently merged healthcare network going forward.

Research Design

A quantitative research survey gathered feedback on three (3) potential positioning statements for the healthcare network. Via an online monadic test design a robust sample of area residents aware of the healthcare network evaluated one of the three positioning concepts. In addition to the standard diagnostic concept measures (consideration, relatability, uniqueness, believability, characteristic ratings and fit), respondents also used Russell Research’s proprietary text highlighting tool to call-out key words or phrases of the positioning concepts that they found to be appealing and, conversely, those words and phrases that they deemed to be less appealing.


Although all three concepts performed strongly, the text highlighting component of the research allowed the healthcare network, and its branding agency, to refine the final positioning by utilizing the most powerful and salient aspects of the three test concepts. Local radio spots for the healthcare network leveraging this positioning are still being aired today.