HVAC Systems

Purchase Journey Case Study


A gas/heat committee was looking to expand upon its understanding of the supply & demand side of the residential HVAC and water heater market. This research program provided market intelligence needed to prime the market for new programs supporting the introduction and adoption of gas heat pump systems that could provide space heating, a combination of space and water heating, or a combination of space heating, space cooling and water heating.

Research Design

Russell Research created a two-part qualitative research plan to gather feedback from both the professionals and consumers. Participants were interviewed about the current landscape, purchase triggers, barriers and opportunities, market opportunities, perceptions of systems, and perspectives on sales outlooks.


Russell Research identified three key professional entities who were vital to driving new product adoption and recommended ways to increase their likelihood of supporting a new offering. We also created a homeowner purchase journey for HVAC and water heaters, identified barriers to purchase and offered key opportunities to further new product adoption.