International Oncology Communications

Message Development Case Study


One of the world’s largest biotechnology firms had recently established a franchise oncology brand. A large-scale research program was carried out in order to determine the most effective concepts and messages to be used in various external facing communications targeted to key audiences.

Research Design

Three stages of quantitative and qualitative research were conducted among Oncologists, Clinical Investigators, Oncology Nurses, & Advocacy Group representatives in France, Germany, Italy, The U.K. and U.S.


One messaging concept rose above all others tested in that it delivered the core message of the campaign in the most clear, impactful way. This specific messaging concept appeared to be clear and blunt enough to force these key audiences to reassess the biotech firm and what they should expect from this company. The execution of this idea seemed to be significantly different from the tone and manor that these respondents have come to expect from oncology companies—that is, it caused significant disruption in the category.