Idea Screen

During the ideation process, dozens of potentially winning product or service ideas may result from brainstorming where market potential is uncertain or unknown to the organization. Russell Research’s Idea Screen enables organizations to quickly evaluate and prioritize dozens of potential product or service ideas in an easy to administer and analyze quantitative study. Key measures for which normative data are provided include Purchase Interest, Appeal, Uniqueness, Value, and Believability.

Idea Screen has been used among consumer and professional audiences, and is easily adaptable for global and/or multicultural audiences. With an optimized format that asks 3-4 questions per concept followed by a Max/Diff ranking to determine respondents’ “winners”, the respondent experience is mobile-friendly to ensure the broadest representation of a target market.

What is it?

In addition to standard measures, two Max/Diff exercises are used to provide key measurements and ensure all concept ideas are given appropriate consideration.

  • Motivation: This measure shows the relative strength of purchase motivation for each of the concept ideas. It is a clear indicator of the relative appeal and intensity of liking for each of the concept ideas.​
  • Meets a Need: This measure shows the relative capability of each concept idea to disrupt the category. This is a critical measure to differentiate between products that can provide significant brand equity and those that simply borrow existing equity.

If desired, current product concepts can be included to allow us to determine the incremental gain of each new product idea.


Why Do This?

  • Identifies which of a range of new product ideas are most motivating to purchase​
  • Determines which of the new product ideas are perceived as meeting unmet needs​
  • Evaluates how new and different each of the ideas is from other products currently on the market​
  • Determines whether the ideas are perceived as believable​

The product ideas can also be evaluated based upon common attributes or features to identify those that are driving intent.


The ideas are characterized as shown below. The ideas can be displayed separately or in combination by their planning horizon (i.e. short term, mid-term, and long term.)


Idea Screen