Russell Omnibus

The Russell Omnibus is a continuous national online survey among 1,000 consumers per wave, leveraging high-quality online sampling and data collection. The shared-cost model reduces fixed expenses by combining multiple, non-competitive client questions in a single survey.

When using the Russell Omnibus, you have access to the same full range of dynamic tools that are available in Russell Research custom studies—video/audio/images, complex routing, drag & drop, text & image highlighting, and many other powerful features.

Why do this?

  • Test new advertising, messaging, and other communication ideas
  • Gauge public opinion on policy issues, current events, and trends
  • Test new product/service ideas and concepts
  • Measure awareness, usage, and behavior of brands, programs, and initiatives
  • Track key brand health metrics over time
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and other marketing efforts
  • Size audiences and market share


There are two options to enter the survey each week:


Weekday Weekend
Questions Submitted Monday Thursday
Field Tuesday-Thursday Friday-Monday
Computer Tabulations Friday Tuesday

Expert Consultation

You’re not alone in survey design – as an important added value, Russell research experts are available to consult on questionnaire design and survey flow to ensure your questions will get your answers and adhering to best practices.


What’s needed to start?

Russell Omnibus