Visual Optimizer

Is your creative fully optimized? Long-used research methods are often limited to testing a few executions while only providing directional understanding for success or failure. Further, in-market tests with multiple executions can be time-consuming and expensive.

Russell Research’s Visual Optimizer allows organizations to identify the impact of individual elements within creative executions to optimize creative for maximum effectiveness.

What is it?

Visual Optimizer is Russell Research’s method for testing thousands of creative variations in a single study, with uses including:

  • Direct Mail
  • Offers
  • Packaging
  • Print & Digital Advertising
  • Store Signage
  • Website Pages

Key Benefits

  • Test hundreds or thousands of creative variations
  • Identifies the impact of individual elements in a finished product/piece of creative
  • Determines the best execution of each individual element
  • Understands the relationship variables in an execution
  • Provides ability to tailor creative for different audiences
  • Provides ability to guide optimization at different stages of the purchase journey

Visual Optimizer uses conjoint analysis, which is traditionally a text-based method, and executes it from a completely visual perspective. This validated and long-used methodology provides deep confidence in study findings.

Visual Optimizer