We Help Organizations
Navigate Change

Russell Research’s team of insights strategists helps you navigate your unique market to address audience needs, optimize customer experience, and see around corners to capitalize on what’s next.

What We Do

Russell Research is a custom market research firm, helping customer-centric companies understand how the people they serve manage their world. Whether you call them customers, senior decision makers, or consumers, we leverage the latest research tools to understand their worlds and what motivates their actions. Our clients come to us when they need to make critical business decisions. We provide a human lens on your marketplace to help you thrive.

Qualitative Research:
From Empathy to Action

We reveal stories that inspire action. We help you develop empathy through a deep understanding of your customers’ motivations, needs, and decisions—the “why” behind observable behaviors. That empathy contributes to your development of meaningful and impactful products, communications and experiences for customers.

Quantitative Research:
Scientific Rigor & Custom Solutions

We provide concrete data to drive decision-making. We help you validate, size, and measure the audiences, messaging and marketplace factors impacting your world so that you can act confidently. Using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge methodologies, our scientific rigor and custom solutions support your unique strategic challenges.

A Sampling of Our Experience

We provide research expertise to some of the world’s most successful companies, innovative agencies, and consultancies. Our global experience includes CPG, financial services, pharma, media, retail, and technology, among other things. We work directly with companies and brands and also partner with agencies to help support their clients. A few of our clients:

Case Studies

Our Approach

Our Humanlens Approach to Driving Brand Growth

We draw on consumer psychology and behavioral science principles to:

Drive brand growth

Understand deep-seated emotions and non-conscious drivers of choice

Place events and patterns into systems and mental models

Go beyond traditional category definitions to directly address the end results desired by customers to reveal new opportunities

Identify meaningful signals of cultural and behavioral change

Isolate the touch- and inflection points that hold the primary opportunity for brand involvement

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